Personal Style

Pink Bandit…

This is Pink Bandit. The Fashion Outlaw.

Fierce Bandit.

Tree Top Bandit.

Fascinating Bandit. Fancy Bandit.

Top Model Bandit.

Fashion-Blogging Pose Bandit.

Hot-Chocolatier’ing Bandit.

Camouflaged Bandit.

Liberated Bandit.

Starring: A distressed denim jacket with faint leopard print folded out sleeves, torn pink jeans, checkered infinity scarf a.k.a “bandit”, green singlet & chucks. 1 green earing, 1 pink earing. Aviators. Lovely flower ring from my friend Helen Ling.┬áStreet Art. A favourite chair.

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15 thoughts on “Pink Bandit…

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