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Over the weekend I had the priviledge of attending the Nuffnang Fashionopolis 2012 Industry Day for Fashion Bloggers in Melbourne. Sponsored by Sunglass Hut Inner Circle & Reward Style, this event featured an amazing panel of speakers, including the fabulous Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne, just to name a few. & of course not forgetting the beautiful floristry by Domain Flowers.

Nuffnang definitely deserves a shout out for managing to pry most of the fabulosity that is Melbourne bloggers from behind their laptops into one room! Just being in the presence of such creativity was inspiring!

Above, clockwise from top: 1. Fun times with SGH Inner Circle. 2. Polaroid du jour with the stunning Angie of HarareMbama (courtesy of #SGHinnerCircle). 3. With Nuffnang’s David Krupp.

Fabulosity central. A few of the amazing bloggers I got to meet. Harare Mbama, Estelle La Mode, Dasha Gold, Stasia StyleCecyliaMister Mode, Camille Leon, Miss Bias, Seven Autumn Leaves, Nicole .

Outfit of the day… I chose to colour block with mint, orange and khaki.

Featured a hairstyle resembling a victory roll & bun (in one). It turned out to be quite the hit (thanks to all who snapped it ;)).

Accessories: Kept them chunky and African. Bracelet from Botswana. Neck piece from Uganda… and for clarity & better vision, I had to go with my ‘lens-free’ stunners!

Bright Yellow nail polish and an orange bag completed the look. An amazing day indeed. For more on all things fabulous, visit our website ;)



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  1. May 15, 2012

    Really stunning photography work here, beautiful colors and a great editorial sense! I look forward to speaking with you at the next Fashionopolis style event.

  2. gemma2012 #
    May 15, 2012

    One of my Favourite POSTS! I love the outfit

  3. May 15, 2012

    ow, thanks Gemma… you are too sweet! xoxo

  4. May 15, 2012

    Thanks hun. we definitely have to make a plan to meet. Checked out your website. Ruby Slipper is doing an amazing job! xoxo

  5. PY #
    May 15, 2012

    Such an exotic outfit…So refreshing!

  6. May 15, 2012

    Thank you ;p xx

  7. May 15, 2012

    “oooo gurlll” ;) I love your Outfit of the day photos, especially that second one! Indeed such a great day and that hair was a winner lol. Thanks Miranda!

    Xx Esther

  8. May 15, 2012

    Thank you Esther! You guys were quite the hot pair too xxx glad i met you ladies – looking forward to more fun times in future ;p

  9. Tracy #
    May 15, 2012

    Amazing photography :)

  10. May 17, 2012

    Love your outfit… funky fresh. Such a shame we weren’t there to snap a photo (or two!) of you x

  11. May 17, 2012

    Love that girl and her amazing blog :))


  12. May 17, 2012

    Simply love this hairdo!


  13. May 17, 2012

    Funny, I was just stalking u and your fb page. Didn’t get to hv a good chat @ Fashionopolis ;(

  14. May 18, 2012

    Loved your outfit but more importantly I loved that you came to Fashionopolis! Thank you so much, here’s to the next time round.

  15. May 20, 2012

    Thank you.You were amazing as usual! Definitely looking forward to the next round ;) xx

  16. May 20, 2012

    I love you Mrs Gold! You brought some refreshing sparkle to the event. We have to catch up soon xx

  17. May 20, 2012

    Thanks Tracy. For picture 2 & 3 the credit goes to for taking them for me ;)

  18. May 20, 2012

    Thanks! I believe there will be a next time & we can all be the snapper-azzis ;) xx

  19. May 24, 2012

    awwww super cute..i love hw u color blocked wt chilled colours…nd the photography is very profesional hey..keep up the good work u a true inspiration dear

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