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Yellow Footprints…

Yellow. Simply colour…everything. From the vegetation to your walk. Leave a mark everywhere you go. Set a standard. Set a legacy. In Yellow.


This bright yellow fishnet jumper is an investment for both summer and winter. It’s just the right kinda’ heavy. Paired here with black legging and (fab) army boots, it couldn’t be ignored. Have an wonderful pre-summer and do it in style… coz you know the mission is always to…

Yellow jumper and black leggings: Octavia & Grace.

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7 thoughts on “Yellow Footprints…

  1. Dee R says:

    Yellow is very refreshing and I love the pics with that greenery. Reminds of Tirelo Sechaba (many moons ago), gone go na le this guy a rata everything yellow, ke ha re mmitsa yellow for jealous for some strange reason.

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