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new york – FASHION WEEK

I have to say Michael Bastian’s Spring 2013 Menswear Collection had me speechless! I had a hard time cutting some of the pictures out of the blog. ย One of my fave Menswear Collections of all time! Yes, really! Let’s meet the looks that inspired the exclamation mark…Mr ‘So Fierce & Just Won’t Quit!’

Mr ‘Smoother Than A Milkshake In A Tux‘!

Mr ‘Sporty But Too Cool For The Olympics!’

Mr ‘I Just Wake Up Being The Casual Amazement That I Am!’

Mr ‘I know I’m Preppy & Nerdy But I’m Working It!’

Mr ‘Too Much Swag & Handling It!’

Gotta Love Michael Bastian’s work! The styling that went into this was so simply amazing and it just goes to show how simplicity and excellence go hand in hand. As for you, note that these are very easy looks to emulate. So …

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5 thoughts on “new york – FASHION WEEK

  1. Inspiring images although something about popped collars will always bother me, as popping collars is in the same realm of baseball hats worn backwards, in my view. I adore the bow tie and the shortened tie length. ~Sonya

    • LOL! I associate ‘popping collars’ with ‘I dont care what people think’… It’s always gr8 to hear other opinions. Amazing how we all interpret things differently ;p

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